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Welcome to the crypto potion shop tournament


Become a magician

You will find yourself in a virtual space that combines the power of technology and fantasy. Upon entering the metaverse, the first gathering of magicians will take place! You will acquire an existing team or create a new one.


On shop shelves

NFT Poison Shop is a digital collection of tokens from which each instance is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced by another similar one.

Magic Community

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We love to give gifts!

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Development of the NFT Roadmap, WhiteList

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Adding In-Game Utility Content to Our Collectibles


Let the game begin!

We are here to find out which of you has so much power to earn new strength and move to the highest rank. You have to prepare potions, decoctions, thereby try to surprise me with your skills.

NFT Collections

The Kingdom of Iedrian

There were various taverns on the territory of the Iedrians, where anyone could look in, but most of all, there was a tavern called PotionShop. Its holder was the most powerful magician in Iedrian and his name was Akruin. There were legends that Akruin alone was able to stop the immortal army of Obraiel with the help of his potions. Obraiel was the most terrible evil that terrorized the places of Iedrian.

To believe or not to believe in these legends is up to you.

The dream of becoming a wizard has become a reality!

Join us!

Take part and become one of the best wizards!